Uses for a Rear Dash Camera

thinkware f70 dashcam

The Thinkware F70 boasts a full HD, 140-degree angle view. That’s 1080P videos with extended view of the road ahead.

thinkware T700

The T700 dash cam has 4G LTE technology on-board and connects to your smartphone in real-time from anywhere around the world.

Your Dash Camera’s Parking Sensors

Dash cams are usually used to capture car crashes, theft and misdemeanours happening around your car. You need a cabin camera like our Thinkware F200 to see what’s happening inside your vehicle (see rideshare cameras).

You can use your car camera as a silent witness in court if it should come to that. Every 30 seconds gets recorded. If your vehicle is parked, there’s a 360 degree vision of incidents and misadventures happening around it. While dash cameras are mostly used to capture car crashes, rear dash cams often capture unexpected footage like fights and break-ins.

Can I use a rear dash camera as a backing up camera?

Probably not.

If you can somehow flip the video image, you could. It is probably easier and cheaper to use a specialist backup camera.

We install any dashcam and rear vision camera. We can even install car stereos if you want it all done at the same time.

Most dash cams come with parking sensors. The record function activates when any activity happens in, on, or around your parked vehicle.

Rear dashcam popularity

One reason for the popularity of rear dash cameras is that they are discreet. It’s easy to conceal rear-facing cameras and there’s no need to install an external device or a hard drive in your car.

In the UK and Australia, it’s legal to use a dash cam footage as long as you are not recording private conversations. The law here allows the use of rear cameras if they are in full public view and you can only record events that take place in front of the camera.

Car accidents are unavoidable over time, but you are more likely to avoid them by installing a vehicle camera.

Rear dashcam popularity

Front and rear dash cams capture a 360-degree view.

40% of Australians would install a Dash Cam if it meant they received an annual discount of $100 on their car insurance. This figure rose to nearly two thirds of the country’s motorists if they were able to receive up to $150 off their car insurance.

Recommended front and rear dash cam combination

Q800 dashcam

The Q800 Pro is designed with ADAS (advanced driver assistance system) for extra warning of any potential collisions. This dash cam can also warn you of lane departures, speed cameras, and red-light cameras. The phone software allows you to check your vehicle’s location via the Thinkware Cloud. You can also get Driving Impact and Geo-fencing notifications on your smartphone.

Pros: Detailed footage in 2k QHD 1440P with its 5.14MP Sony Starvis image sensor.

  • The Q800 Pro dashcam can track time, speed, and route with its built-in GPS antenna.
  • Anti-file corruption technology that lessens the risk of footage loss.
  • Super night vision boosts image quality in low-light conditions.

Cons: It’s pricey compared to other dash cams.

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