Motorbike Cameras

Record your ride with front and rear bike cams

If you ride a motorcycle for delivering pizzas or like to hit the dirt weekends on a trail bike, record it all with your bike cameras.

Waterproof rear and front cameras can capture amazing footage in various recording modes. Record stabilized videos with the M1D32 motorbike camera while touring the suburbs with your mates. The M1D32 is a pair of lightweight cams that are easy to set up.

The M1D32 Pair of Bike Cameras

Lightweight front and rear bike cameras that are easy to set up. Capture video and record audio in different modes. Wi-Fi enabled, 2-channel cameras that record full HD 1080P front and rear clear, crisp and 140° wide-angle footage.

We install in the Perth area between Yanchep & Mandurah.

Motorcycle Dashcam Benefits

Safety on the road is the main benefit.

  • You are more visible to car drivers
  • Other drivers know their actions are being recorded
  • Evidence about accidents and who was at fault
  • Journey footage

The benefits easily outweigh the cost – particularly when you take footage like this into consideration.

Further Reading on Motorbike Dashcams & Safety

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