Car Stereo Installation

Perth Car Stereo Installation

We install car stereos at your location, anywhere between Yanchep to Mandurah. Get in touch by filling in the form below or (if you’re reading this on your phone) clicking the button.

car stereo installation Yanchep to Mandurah and Perth

Stereo & UHF installs from $275

car stereo installation

3rd Party Car Radio Installation

We install any-brand car stereos, subwoofers and even stereo amplifiers at very affordable prices.

We can replace your original (factory) car stereo with a superior product and associated amplifier and subwoofer.

If you supply the relevant CANBUS or fascia dash kit, we can do the job while you wait. Otherwise we can order the relevant parts if you provide us with the vehicle make and model number. Then we can arrange an install date.

Head Unit Installation & Considerations

Most clients get us to install the head unit.

Be mindful that a replacement head unit may cost anywhere between $100 and $1,000+ dollars. If you do the head unit installation yourself, you can save. The trickiest part is removing the dash trim. Depending on your vehicle, cheap clips and fragile plastic can quickly become your enemy. Most clients get us to install everything. Some late model Holdens, Fords and Mazdas have integrated dashboards which can make replacing the head unit very tricky – although it’s possible to order a vehicle-specific car stereo installation kit.

Outliers aside, a standard DIN size of 2×8 inches or a Double DIN of 4×8 inches is the norm.

If you install the head unit yourself, and you intend to put the original stereo back (say if you later decide to keep your stereo and sell the car), make a note of the PIN which is sometimes needed to disable your security mode.

Car stereo installation at your location

We also install UHF radios, electric brake controllers, car sensors, Anderson plugs and cruise control units. Plus – we come to you. No waiting by our office water cooler.

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Dashcam WA are car installation experts.

We can install anything in your vehicle. If it goes in a car, we can fit it seamlessly.

Over 25% of our work is car stereo installation.

And we come to you.

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