Today’s dashcam is more than just a security guard for your car. It’s packed with tech. You probably seen car crashes caught on car cameras. While dashcams can certainly be an irrefutable witness to that road rage or driving misdemeanour, some dashcams let you know when your tyres need air. Or if someone is mooching around your vehicle. The more advanced car cameras are globally accessible via your smartphone. See what your P-plater teens are up to while you’re away.

Privacy concerns notwithstanding, we fit front and rear dashcam combinations seamlessly to your windscreen (visit our dashcam installation specials page to read more) – and at your rear window. Did you know you can share the footage on social media?



The F70 gives you crisp full HD wide 140-degree angle view 1080P videos and extended view of the road ahead.



THINKWARE’s newest flagship dash cam model U1000 captures true 4K UHD resolution at the front and 2K QHD resolution at the rear, making it one of the highest resolution 2 channel dash cams in the market!



Driven by the latest Sony Exmor R Starvis sensor, Q800PRO captures 2K resolution, producing 4X more vivid and blind-spot-free videos of your journeys like never before.



With 4G LTE technology on-board, the T700 dash cam connects to your smartphone in real-time from anywhere around the world.



F770 front and rear cameras are equipped with Sony Exmor sensors, making it one of the most advanced dash cams in the market.



F770 front and rear cameras are equipped with Sony Exmor sensors, making it one of the most advanced dash cams in the market.



This sleek and versatile Wi-Fi enabled Dash Cam provides 1080P Full High Definition resolution on both front and rear cams, offering the ultimate surveillance solution for every driver.



A 2-channel dash cam that sports Sony Exmor image sensors, F200 records videos in full HD 1080P (front) and HD 720P (rear), with built-in Wi-Fi for smartphone connectivity.



Powered by Sony Exmor imaging sensors, F100 records in full high definition 1080P (front) and high definition 720P (rear) at 30 frames per second.

Dash Cameras for Your Fleet

Dashcams with good tech and GPS are perfect for a fleet of vehicles. You might get a discount from your insurer. If you’re worried about little Johnny out with his mates, car cameras record as soon as the engine turns on. Keep tabs on Johnny – or your employees – or simply stay in touch with family.

We stock a wide range of the best and most advanced dashcams we know. Thinkware Dashcams. And right now – we have a special on both the Thinkware T700 dashcam and the more modest F70 car dash camera weighing in at under $200. Call us today.